Staircase Glass Railing Designs, Glass Railing, Glass Balustrade      

JEI offers staircase glass railing designs, glass railing, glass balustrade and glass railing calculations for glazing contractors and glass industry manufacures.

Services Include:

  * Handrail, Railing and Staircase Calculations

  * Anchor Design

  * Glazing Shop Drawings 

  * Glass Calculations

  * Glass Balustrade System Design

  * Glass Rail Shops

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Floor Movement & Glass Railing


Professional Structural Engineering (P.E.) Stamps for Commercial Glass Calculations and Glazing Systems 

Aluminum Curtain Wall Design – JEI offers curtain wall calculations, curtain wall, glazed wall systems design in unitized curtain wall installation for glazing contractors and curtain wall installers.

Aluminum Storefront Designglass engineering for storefront, aluminum storefront, aluminum awnings, and aluminum glass frame for glazing contractors and storefront manufactures. 

Glass Entry Glass Calculations - glass entry and glass entrance facade engineering, wind & seismic engineering, anchor design, shop drawings, glass calculations, finite element analysis, structural glass engineering, all glass entrance doors and all glass systems.

Window Blast Engineering and WINGARD Blast Resistant Glazing Glass Calculations - blast resistant design using Wingard, Windas, SDOF for window blast and blast resistant glazing and dynamic loads meeting UFC requirements.
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Staircase Glass Railing and Glass Balustrade Design– glass training, glass seminar, glass blog, glass workshop, glazing training, for National Glass Association (NGA),  Glass Magazine, and GlassBuild.

Specialty Glass, Glass Calculations, Glass Engineering – design load requirements, glass calculation on glass entry, glass entrance, and glass shop drawings for glazing contractors and manufactures.

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